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Youngest Donor to the BNI Foundation

At the US National BNI Directors’ Conference, the BNI Directors supported our charitable work and donated over $1800 to our charitable work. Ivan and I promised to match the donations which came in at the conference, so that brought our total raised to just over $3600. THEN on Sunday morning, Andrea and Mark Stough of BNI SW FL had a group dance card with Dr. Misner. Their young son, Brendon, gave a cash donation of $50 to the BNI Foundation!

Brendon is the youngest donor to have given a contribution to the BNI Foundation. His parents explained that they have coached Brendon to give 10% of his allowance to charity, save 50% of what’s left and take the rest for his personal use. His donation was his 10% for the past year.

The BNI Foundation and co-founders, Ivan and Beth, thank Brendon very, very much for his generosity!

Who else do you know who is teaching children to give to charity? Would the BNI Foundation’s work to mobilize resources to give kids around the world a quality education be a great charity for them to support? If you think so, please refer them to us. We’d love to meet them and help them with their charitable giving.

Remember that 100% of what is donated to the BNI Foundation goes to our charitable work. There are no administrative fees taken out of our donors’ contributions.

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