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Our Vision

Our vision is to empower children to achieve a successful and fulfilling life

Our Mission

Our mission it to lead a global movement of businesspeople who fund educational programs and volunteer time to prepare children for a promising future

Welcome to the BNI Foundation

Founder, BNI, Co-founder of BNI Foundation, Dr. Ivan Misner lays out the vision for the BNI Foundation and the Business Voices initiative. Cause networking goes beyond philanthropy to add a sense of social consciousness in schools and educational organizations around the world. By inspiring BNI members and the general public to offer support at a local level, the BNI Foundation promotes change where it is needed the most.

About The BNI Foundation

The BNI Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving educational opportunities for children around the world. Founded in 1998 by Elisabeth and Dr. Ivan Misner, it has raised millions of dollars to support educational needs and inspire children to achieve a brighter future.


The BNI Foundation provides much more than the monetary funding of programs – we connect people who care with their local communities where they are needed.

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Elisabeth and Dr. Ivan Misner found the BNI-Misner Foundation, bringing the concept of Givers Gain to support children and education in local communities. Since then, millions of dollars have been given in grants, both nationally and internationally.


Two separate funds are created - Ivan and Elisabeth's private family fund - The Misner Family Foundation -and the BNI Foundation for funds donated by BNI Members and Directors

Inspired by the vision of Elisabeth Misner, the Business Voices Initiative is launched to help BNI Members become actively involved in there local communities by donating their time, talent, knowledge and experience.

The BNI Foundation Worldwide Inc. officially obtains Public Charity Status

Seeded by an initial donation by Elisabeth and Dr. Ivan Misner, the Misner Endowment Fund is set up. Donors are known as Misner Fellows and their contributions to the fund's capital generate income for the BNI Foundation in perpetuity.

Future Leaders Week is established,. BNI Chapters are encouraged to engage with local schools, teaching basic business and networking skills and providing practical career orientation advice to students facing complex decisions about their future careers.

BNI Affiliation

BNI is a unique organisation and the BNI Foundation is a unique foundation too. We help children around the world to get a better education – underserved, underprivileged, endangered children. Why children, why education? Because while children are only 20% of our population, they are 100% of our future. As adults they will become our customers, our suppliers, are staff, teachers, doctors, neighbours and leaders.


It is today’s children who will have to fix the problems that we caused, ignored or simply failed to prevent. We don’t help them because we feel sorry, we do this because it matters. They need us but we need them too. In BNI, giving is in our blood, it’s the soul of everything we do. Because Givers Gain® is not just the best way to get referrals, it’s the best way to create strong thriving communities for us to live in, do business in and raise our families in.


Meet our Founders and Directors of the BNI Foundation Worldwide Inc.

The BNI Foundation Around The World

As BNI Foundation activities continue to expand around the world, follow the progress in your country here

Donations Always Help

Thank you for considering a one-time or regular donation. Even the smallest amounts make a difference.

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