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What Is Business Voices?

This is a question that comes up a lot. For a lot of folks the difference between the BNI Foundation and Business Voices isn’t clear — are they two separate organizations working together?

Business Voices is a movement BNI has created to help kids have the resources they need to grow up and be successful. Every school has some challenge they’re looking to overcome. Sometimes it’s budgetary as it pertains to supplies, other times it’s grades or parent involvement. The idea behind the BNI Foundation’s Business Voices initiative is to help schools identify these challenges, then leverage the community to solve them.

Ivan Misner Business Voices podcast

It’s a fitting and worthy goal for BNI members. After all, the power of BNI is the collective networks we all share for business. In this case it goes beyond business, powerful testaments to how BNI members pool their resources to make positive change in their local communities.

We blog about some of those stories here to inspire through a simple message. It’s easy to see challenges as bigger than us, as things we can’t change. But we truly can make a difference when we work together. Sometimes it just takes a Saturday afternoon of personal time, or a phone call to make the right connection.

Contact us to learn more about how you can become involved! The Business Voices movement is growing, and we’ve seen success stories throughout the US and even throughout the world. Let’s build a brighter future for our kids, one connection at a time!

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