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Volunteer Day at Sammy’s House (Non-Profit)

What’s new in Austin with Business Voices?

The team pulled together in Texas again to revitalize a learning environment called Sammy’s House, a non-profit that works with kids who are developmentally delayed or medically sensitive. It’s an important role of support for kids that want to learn and benefit from doing so in a non-traditional classroom environment. As a non-profit everyone involved does what they can, but funding can be a challenge.

Sammy’s House had a wish list that included supplies, cleaning, and organizing. In particular, the laundry room.

When the volunteers arrived and began inspecting the dryer duct, they noticed some major leaks that also posed electrical concerns. The power of Business Voices’ network connected the right folks, however, and the team was able to replace the plumbing, electrical, and surrounding walls. Everything was made safe, which in itself was a big win for the school and its students.

The director and founder of Sammy’s House, Isabel Huerta, was relieved and very excited to have those things resolved.

BNI members also donated supplies and toys, along with some spring cleaning with the help of a few of the kids. One of the BNI members has a landscaping business, and volunteered to trim trees and clean up the outside of the building. Better still, the landscaper also adopted the school for ongoing services.

Great job to everyone involved, and another success for Business Voices! See photos below.

Sammy's House Wishlist

The Wish List for Sammy’s House

Isabel Huerta founder of Sammy's House

Isabel Huerta, founder of Sammy’s House with Beth Misner

Sammy's House Cleaning a Classroom

Cleaning up a classroom with the kids

A helping hand with appliances

Observing the trouble pipes behind the wall

Sammy's House Supplies

Sammy’s House new supplies

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