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Triad Career Fairs In September

Another round of career fairs is coming up this fall! They’ve been a great success so far, commonly attracting 100 business people per event to speak with kids about various professions to help them make educated decisions about their futures.

That was the case with the recent career fair in Guilford Middle School, where students went on a scavenger hunt to find info about various careers so they could ask specific questions to the adult volunteers. Every volunteer enjoyed their experience; Glen Coleman said that most of them were asking about when the next opportunity would be to share with the kids.

In many cases, when folks hear about Business Voices they assume it will be tough to get involved. One thing about the career fairs is that everyone sees just how easy it is to have a big impact in kids’ lives.

The next one will be in Carver toward the end of September, with Griffith coming up afterward in October.

Email Glen Coleman at glen @ for more details about getting involved!

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