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Tragedy Reinforces The Spirit of Giving

Updated: Jun 5

Donations of supplies for schools in need is always a plus for staff and students. But sometimes being without certain things we take for granted is more than a distracting inconvenience.

A recent tragedy at one of the schools Business Voices has been involved with reinforces the movement’s mission. Last month at Peck Elementary a student passed away from complications during an asthma attack.

This is particularly striking because the boy’s family couldn’t afford to send him to school with an inhaler. It’s surprising to think of something like asthma as a life-threatening condition these days with medicine what it is — a point Glen Coleman touched on in a recent conversation we were having about this tragedy.

Often in Business Voices we talk about helping schools acquire supplies like pencils, tape, etc. While the movement has been successful in many cases there, this story reminds us of the importance of the community getting involved to overcome challenges in many forms students may be facing.

In this case, something seemingly so preventable claiming someone’s life underscores the value of even the smallest forms of help for public schools. Just as earlier in the year the school received socks for kids coming to class without them, it’s humbling to realize the conditions some students face each day as they come to class.

Many times in life we don’t get involved because we assume it will take a lot of time or money that we just can’t spare. But if nothing else, tragedies like these serve to remind us how each of us can help. Every donation or connection is an important step a student putting his or her best foot forward in learning.

If you’re a networker who’s been looking for ways to give back to the community, there are so many ways you can help. And if you’re a school administrator or know someone who is, challenges large and small are all things the Business Voices movement aims to alleviate.

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