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The BNI Foundation Needs YOU!

The BNI Foundation Needs YOU!

As BNI grows and expands across every populated continent, our need for volunteers to serve in the BNI Foundation is also growing.

Do you have a heart for service and philanthropy?

Do you value the work of the BNI Foundation to improve tomorrow’s business through education today?

Do you have some time to donate to our cause?

Dream Volunteer Wish List

Donor Care Specialists: This person is highly devoted to creating deep, long-term relationships by:

  1. making quarterly phone contact with monthly donors to share what the recently funded Givers Gain Grants® have been, give other updates and answer questions our esteemed donors may have.

  2. writing thank you cards at appropriate times.

  3. ensuring monthly donors’ auto billing is processing well and assisting donors with updates to credit card information.

Promotion: This individual is determined, focused and serious about creating fliers and other documents, to ensure success in media for all involved.  This includes a high skill level of desktop publishing:

  1. writes press releases to send to franchisees who have a school or educational charity in their area that receives a Givers Gain Grant® and assists franchisees with creating media excitement.

  2. creates fliers for events as needed.

Social Media: This volunteer loves to connect consistently with others online and has fun making a virtual splash!

  1. posts on BNI Connect, Facebook, Twitter, Google+

  2. shares blog posts from the BNI Foundation website and SuccessNet on social media

Business VOICES Advocate: This person is a vision caster extraordinaire and loves to provide leadership and share overall direction.

  1. does press appearances with the media for interviews about the movement.

  2. works with BNI Directors and Business VOICES teams to promote and guide the movement within countries and communities.

Business VOICES Team Coordinator: This person has a passion for the Business VOICES movement and likes to work with small groups, organizing in-person gatherings, telebridges/webinars and consistent email follow up.

  1. helps BNI members connect with local schools and educational charities within a region.

  2. is the spearhead for teachers and schools within a region to contact when they have needs to share.

  3. facilitates a variety of service opportunities within the educational community.

If you are interested, have questions or

you already know this is for you,

please contact:

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