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Socks for Kids at Austin Independent School District

by Brian Watkins

Business Voices rings strong in Texas. The Austin Independent School District recently received a donation that brought immediate comfort for students so they can better focus on learning.

Students of the school district, ranging from elementary school all the way through high school, did not consistently have socks to wear each day when coming to class. After a connection made with Nicole Connely of AISD, local BNI chapters could examine the schools’ situations more closely.

BNI was able to partner with Project Help, an Austin organization that works to enhance the experience of students in the area. Project Help assists in all kinds of circumstances where students may need some help, from housing to clothes and supplies. In many cases, Project Help partners with other community organizations to solve problems. One example is their partnership with Payless that allows them to donate shoes to local schools in need.

Holly Acosta, Kristi Krauss, and other Team Austin Business Voices members went chapter to chapter to appeal for help. Kristi says that it was amazing how willing everyone was to help — even visitors that had stopped by those meetings contributed. Through the combined efforts of 6 BNI chapters and Project Help, enough money was raised to acquire 2300 pairs of socks.

Team Austin Business Voices Members plan to continue the partnership with Project Help.  Quarterly drives with Austin BNI Chapters will make assisting in other needs of the children easier and more powerful.

Austin Independent School District Sock Load

New socks delivered by the car load

Austin Independent School District Sock Donation

Over 1200 pairs of new socks for students

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