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Business Voices Launches in India and Helps Building Blocks School

Pictured above: Beth Misner on video with Meena Srinivasan presenting live

Beth Misner recently shared a brief video update on the Business Voices movement with an audience in India. Meena Srinivasan, of Business Voices Team India, had a presentation during the recent Directors’ Conference in Hyderabad in which she inspired the audience to reach into the schools of their communities and help out. Education is the best way to give kids in tough situations hope for a brighter future.

Recently the BNI Enrich Chapter held their own Business Voices project which resulted in a $11,000 donation to Building Blocks School. This school is located in Bangalore and has several campuses that provide free pre-school education to the children of the slums there.

Presenting check

Members of BNI Enrich and local BNI Directors, including Managing Country Director, Mac Srinivasan (third from left), present a large check to Building Blocks Schools

This program gives these precious children the only chance they have to qualify to enter the free primary education offered in their community. The BNI Foundation, Beth and Ivan Misner, and BNI’s CEO Graham Weihmiller have all supported Building Blocks. Many BNI Directors from around the world have also contributed to the expansion of their Bluebells School.

Dr. Ivan Misner with Bluebells school students

Dr. Ivan Misner with the preschool students of the Bluebells School (pictured right)

Another project in India which has been supported by the BNI Foundation is the Goa GEMS program, a business incubator. BNI Director Raj Kumat has been instrumental in the GEMS program.

Raj Kumar, picture to Beth Misner's left

Raj Kumar, pictured to Beth Misner’s left

“With these auspicious beginnings for the BNI Foundation’s work in India, we know that once our members there engage fully in the Business Voices initiative, we will be hearing the most amazing stories coming from our Business Voices Team India,” Beth Misner shares. Watch BNI India on Facebook for more updates as they come. The BNI Foundation welcomes our newest Business Voices Team with gratitude and eager anticipation of what is to come.

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