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Business Voices Gives Peck Elementary a Big Step Forward

The dream for Business Voices began with a vision for five BNI chapters to adopt five local schools, each one doing what their members could to improve the students’ experience. The most recent story to date is that of Peck Elementary in Greensboro, NC.

Carla McCoy, the school’s education coordinator, helped to connect the school with BNI. From there the relationship began much like the schools before it − members of BNI met with the principal to discuss the five biggest challenges the school was facing. In this case, Peck Elementary’s principal polled both teachers and students for consensus to ensure everyone’s concerns were addressed.

BNI Gate City Chapter member and professional organizer, Jess Trott reached out to Crayola to see what kinds of donations they’d be able to make for the school. While the company only participates with

local schools in the Pennsylvania area, she wasn’t going to let that stop her.

Through diligent efforts in the Greensboro community, she was able to secure 27 boxes of supplies for the school. Each of these boxes contains crayons, pencils, and other classroom necessities.

The Business Voices team has also secured a deal to donate entire boxes of books, acquired at $40 per box, to enhance the school’s library.

Any situation where children end up with a better education is a victory for the Business Voices movement. The donations of books and supplies is a wonderful step, and the first of many to come in giving our youth every opportunity to succeed and become tomorrow’s leaders. The BNI Foundation is grateful for so many Noble Networkers helping the school children and teachers.

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