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BNI Italy Launches Business Voices and Prepares for September 30

BNI Italy just launched Business Voices in June, spreading BNI’s movement of community giving to yet another area of the globe.

In a talk I had with Dario Castagna and Monica Passini about how things were developing, they explained that various chapters were getting involved. They were very clear that there would be close supervision at first to ensure all of Business Voices’ principles are being presented well. “It’s very important,” Dario said, “that the community receive the right message about what BNI is trying to accomplish.”

This is an exciting step as we prepare for the “Connect Five” event September 30. Connect Five has run for several years, and features a film compiled of stories about how BNI has changed how business is done worldwide.

This event will also coincide with the Time Bank Project. The concept there is to encourage time investment from community members to enrich others, which complements the launch of Business Voices there rather well.

Stay tuned for more developments in the Business Voices movement!

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