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Austin Area Receives $1.4M Donation From 3M

This story began with a visit from Melinda McKenna, a long time BNI member who heard about Business Voices movement in a Leadership Training seminar. It piqued her interest, and at the following meeting she shared an idea of creating a supply closet for teachers in the Austin school district (AISD).

AISD currently has a warehouse to store various teaching supplies that are transported to schools weekly — something that made the next step easier.

“Supply the Teacher” was formed for this aim. Due to the scope of the project, Melinda and Holly Acosta decided it needed to be its own non-profit. With the help of other BNI members they were able to get that process started quickly.

Back in November Austin BNI chapters held a fundraiser to get things moving on the Lonestar Riverboat. The event raised $4750 and was covered by local news. The funds raised were impressive in their own right, but the attention the event garnered led to an even bigger boon for the schools.

The 3M corporation reached out and offered to donate $1.4 million worth of products to teachers in the district! As products arrived in the AISD warehouse, Melinda coordinated two separate Saturday sessions to fill an incredible 6000 boxes. For this mammoth task Melinda has assisted by BNI members alongside the University of Texas Athletics team

Supply the Teacher has a board that includes Beth Misner and 3 BNI members: Holly Acosta, Melinda McKenna, and Robert Rainey.

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