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An Update of Triad Business Voices Activity

by Brian Watkins

Now that we’re through all the holidays and back in the swing of the new year, it’s time for some BNI updates!

BNI is currently trying to raise $1260 for the installation of playground equipment for a local school. Play Power, Inc. was generous enough to donate $10,000 worth of equipment, spurring Business Voices to begin tracking down funding to put everything together for the kids. Beth and Ivan have donated $1500 personally, and put the challenge out there for the local chapter to match that.

On a separate note, the CEO of United Guarantee also pledged a check for $1 million to “Say Yes To Education” in Guilford county.

Platinum Producers Takes on 4 Schools

BNI Platinum Producers recently adopted 4 schools, an ambitious step forward for the movement. Given the success of the recent career fairs Business Voices has been involved with, the team decided that would be an ideal component to include into all new schools whenever feasible.

Early Community College in particular asked about having a different business person volunteer to stop in each Friday so that kids can ask questions about different types of careers. This way, the kids are exposed to all types of businesses. As they get to an age where they’re preparing for what’s next after high school, this type of insight can go a long way in making that answer easier.

The hope is that by getting local kids interested in various careers in the area they’ll be more likely to stay here and work toward good jobs rather than leave after a degree. Because Platinum Producers took on 4 schools at once, involvement from non-BNI folks is crucial as well.

Glen Coleman says quite often it’s simply a matter of asking. “A lot of folks want to help out, but don’t know how and are looking for direction.”

Glen went on to tell me about the new initiative, which seems a sharp perception. Rather than asking kids “What do you want to be?” as has often been done, Business Voices aims to ask kids “What do you want to change?”

A job is just a monetary obligation if we don’t make it about something bigger. By getting kids excited about a cause — whatever that is — we can enable them to live lives where they wake up each day full of purpose.

Career Fair Participation at Carver High School

Glen wants to work a more regular career fair into Carver High School. The experience thus far has been that it takes roughly 2 months to organize everything, so the sooner we can pool resources the quicker we can deliver that for the kids.

In the previous career fair each table was set up with an 8×10 frame with forms for visitors. Each kid can use it to ask questions and find out about what the business person at that table does, what their job involves, etc. This also allows for personal questions beyond the nuts and bolts of the job so kids can really dig into parts that interest them.

Contact Glen Coleman for more info about helping out via email at: coleman @ healthyti .com

Keep up the good work, BNI!

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