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Children are 20% of the Population, but 100% of our Future

What We Do

Supporting Children’s

Just as BNI helps business owners to become more successful, the BNI Foundation helps children and young people to get a better education and a better start in life

How We Do It

Changing the Way Business Sees Children in the World

Donations always help of course – they mean that we can pay for things which children need. BNI the BNI Foundation is not just about money, it’s a movement, a mindset in an organization which unites over 300,000 entrepreneurs around the world living Givers Gain as a core value and constantly asking “how can I help you?” It’s not just about dollars, it’s about doing!

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  • What is Business Voices?

    Business Voices projects focus on how BNI Member, Directors and BNI Chapters can use their time, talent, knowledge and experience to help young people in the communities in which they live and work.

    Teams can be initiated by any BNI Member in any BNI Chapter around the world. Contact for more information and get started today.

  • Future Leaders Week is a simple way for BNI professionals to provide young people aged 15-18 with career orientation advice within their local community. For one week each year in October, we are inviting BNI Chapters to engage with a local school to provide career orientation advice, networking tips, and to show how business owners work together to be more successful.

  • Grants are generally for USD 1,000 or the local equivalent and are funded from donations received. They are available to support educational organizations that make a lasting impact on the future of their students.

    The Foundation awards grants twice a year – one cycle in Spring and one in Fall. If you know of an organization that qualifies for a Givers Gain Grant and would put our support to good use, invite them to apply online.

  • The Misner Endowment Fund was launched in 2019 to ensure financial resources for the BNI Foundation for years to come. Donations to the Fund accumulate and earnings generate will enable us to continue funding grants and programs to support young people. Misner Fellows and recognized as the heart of the Misner Endowment Fund, pledging contributions to our capital campaign to exceed USD 1,000,000 – the dream of BNI Foundation Co-Founder, Elisabeth Misner.


After I graduated from college, I looked for a company that not only provided a high quality service or product, but cared about making a difference in the community. So, when I found out that BNI operated a non-profit, the BNI Foundation, it immediately caught my attention! One of the reasons I joined BNI was because of the BNI Foundation. I hope to use the program to positively affect our community and grow our region!

Mary Burleson

Regional Communications Coordinator | BNI Oregon & SW Washington


Thank you to BNI for creating such a welcoming and effective space to make business happen, not just for for-profit companies, but also for nonprofits as well.

Kaylie Medansky, MPA

Executive Director | Swift Youth Foundation

As a nonprofit executive, I have always wholeheartedly believed that helping others enables one to be helped in return, so when I learned that this notion is embodied as the Givers Gain core philosophy of BNI I was intrigued.  Being a BNI member has been an unbelievable resource for myself and my nonprofit organization - not only has it helped grow my nonprofit business through outreach and increased financial donations to my organization, but I have been able to learn from the extensive network of experienced business professionals in my now greatly expanded network of BNI members.  Thank you to BNI for creating such a welcoming and effective space to make business happen, not just for for-profit companies, but also for nonprofits as well.

Kaylie Medansky

MPA | Executive Director | Swift Youth Foundation

Donations Always Help

Thank you for considering a one-time or regular donation. Even the smallest amounts make a difference.

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