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The Triad’s 2016 Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Last year’s golf tournament was a success, raising thousands of dollars for the Boys and Girls Club. The folks involved in the Business Voices movement are preparing for the second annual golf tournament on September 30, which is a Friday. That gives the team the summer to put things in order for a fantastic day for the community.

This year’s golf tournament will be at the Maple Chase Country Club, and will feature raffles, swag bags full of goodies, and of course various golfing packages for visitors and their friends.

Business Voices is looking for volunteers for this event to help with things like:

  1. Setting up and tearing down

  2. Raffles

  3. Ticketing and sponsorships

  4. Beverages

This is a great way for the community to help raise money for the Boys and Girls Club while soaking up some sun. If you thought about volunteering and getting involved last year and couldn’t, definitely do so this time around! And if you know some folks that love golf and would be interested in playing and/or sponsoring a hole, contact Kayla Selman or Bobby Rouse for more details!

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